Odisha Fair and festival || Odisha General Knowledge

Odisha Fair and festival || Odisha General Knowledge

153. The legendary episode of ‘Taapol is associated with which of the
following festivals in Odisha?
a) Olasuni Osha
b) Janmashtami
c) Khurderakuni Osha
d) Shasthi Osha

154. ‘Khuderakuni Osha’ is observed on every Sunday of the Odia month of:
a) Baisakha
b) Jyestha
c) Ashadha
d) Bhadrava

155. The birthday of Lord Krishna is observed as:
a) Janmastami
b) Prathamastami
c) Radhastami
d) Dola Purnima

156. ‘Ganesh Chaturthi is observed on the fourth day of the light half of the
month of.
a) Aswina
b) Bhadraba
c) Magha
d) Phalguna

157. ‘Nuakhai is a popular festival in:
a) Coastal Odisha
b) Southern Odisha
c) Western Odisha
d) Northern Odisha

158. ‘Nuakhai is celebrated on which day of the lunar fortnight of the month
of Bhadrava?
a) Second day
b) Third day
c) Fourth day
d) Fifth day

159. The festival which is observed by engineering and architectural
community and craftsmen is:
a) Dussehra
b) Viswakarma Puia
c) Raja Sankranti
d) Deepavali

160. Dussehra’ is observed on the tenth day of the:
a Bright half of the month of Aswina
b) Dark half of the month of Aswina
c) Bright half of the month of Bhadrava
d) Dark half of the month of Jyestha

161. Deepavali or the festival of light is observed on the last day of the dark
fortnight of the Odia month of:
a) Bhadrava
b) Aswina
c) Kartika
d) Magha

162. Which of the following is attributed to the worship of Goddess Laxmi?
a) Prathamastami
b) Raidamodar Vrata
C) Anala Navami
d) Sudasha Vrata

163. Which of the following festival is attributed to honor the eldest child in
an Odia family?
a) Prathamastami
c) Jyestha Purnima
b) Janmastami
d) Dhanu Sankranti

164. ‘Dhanu Yatra’ is colourfully observed in which towns of Odisha?
a) Dhenkanal
b) Baragarh
c) Banki
d) Paralakhemundi

165. ‘Makara Sankranti is the most important festival in which of the following
districts in Odisha?
a) Mayurbhani
b) Sudergarh
c) Keonjhar
d) All the above

166. The celebration of ‘Magha Saptami is observed in a grand way at:
a) Konark
b) Khiching
c) Bhadrak
d) Bhubaneswar

167. Jagara or Mahasivaratri, a festival of great importance, is observed on
the 14 day of the month of:
a) Ashadha
b) Sravana
c) Phalguna
d) Chaitra

168. Which festival has been referred to in the Puranical texts as
*Basantotsaba’ or the spring festival?
a) Sri Panchami
b) Maha Sivaratri
c) Makara Sankranti
d) Doal Purnima

169. ‘Rukuna Rath’ is the chariot of:
a) Lord Lingaraj
b) Lord Jagannath
c) Lord Balabhadra
d) Lord Krishna

170. Taratarini Mela’, one of the few grand fairs in Odisha, is held in the
district of:
a) Gajapati
b) Ganjam
c) Nayagarh
d) Kendujhar

171. ‘Ashokastami the chariot festival of Lord Lingaraj in Bhubaneswar is
held in the bright half of the Odia month of:
a) Bhadrava
b) Baisakha
c) Chaitra
d) Pausha

172. Which of the following festival is associated with rejoicement of special
sweet called ‘Muan’?
a) Makara Sankranti
b) Pana Sankranti
c) Dhanu Sankranti
d) Grabhama Sankranti

173. ‘Holi is observed in which of the following Odia months?
a) Magha
b) Phalguna
c) Chaitra
d) Aswin

174. The number of Odia This in a month is:
a 12
b) 15
C) 18
d) 7

175. The festival ‘Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in the Odia month of:
a) Baisakhi
b) Bhadraba
c) Margasira
d) Pausa

176. The famous Puri Beach Festival is conducted every year by:
a) The Culture department of the Government of Odisha
b) Hotel and Restaurant Association of Odisha (HARO)
c) The District Administration of Puri
d) Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt. of India

178. Who was the first Odia poet to have composed lyrics to be sung?
a) Jayadeva
b) Sarala Das
c) Jagannath Das
d) Balaram Das

Odisha Fair and festival

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