sher Saha Suri || Indian history Youtube Class PDF

Sher Saha Suri || Indian history Youtube Class PDF

. Buddha was born in _________.
(a) Vaishali
(b) Lumbini
(c) Kapilavastu
(d) Patliputra

🌾. The first important ruler to emerge from the Chola Dynasty was __________.
(a) Vijayalaya
(b) Rajaraja Chola
(c) Rajendra Chola
(d) Rajadhiraj Chola

🌾. V.G. Jog is famous for which musical instrument?
(a) Sitar (b) Violin
(c) Tabla (d) Santoor

🌾. What is the official language of Nepal?
(a) Bhojpuri (b) Tharu
(c) Hindi (d) Nepali


🌾. By volume, 21% of air is ___
(a) hydrogen
(b) oxygen
(c) nitrogen
(d) carbon dioxide

🌾. In Microsoft Word, _______ provides options to switch between Normal, Web Layout, Print Layout, Outline and Reading Views.
(a) Standard tool bar
(b) View Buttons
(c) Form atting tool bar
(d) Tab stop

🌾. In which area is the public sector most dominant in India?
(a) Organised term lending financial instistutions
(b) Transport
(c) Commerical banking
(d) Steel production

🌾. The deepest lake of the world is ___________.
(a) Arab Sea
(b) Caspian Sea
(c) Baikal
(d) Dead Sea

🌾. Where is the tomb of Sher Shah located?
(a) Sasaram
(b) Delhi
(c) Kalinger
(d) Sonargaon

🌾. call himself as Bengal Tiger Which of the following governors-general ?
(a) Lord Clive
(b) Warren Hastings
(c) Lord Cornwallis
(d) Lord Wellesley

🌾. Syadvada was the fundamental basis of which religion?
(a) Buddhism
(b) Jainism
(c) Vaishnavism
(d) Shaivism

🌾. What is the national animal of Bangladesh?
(a) Royal Bengal Tiger
(b) Python
(c) Goat
(d) Buffalo

🌾. In HTML, _________ is at the bottom of the page and usually contains disclaimers, copyright information etc.
(a) Header area
(b) Menu bar
(c) Body of the page
(d) Footer area

🌾. What is measured with the Nephometer?
(a) volume of rainfall
(b) Cloud volume and speed
(c) Salinity of Sea
(d) All options are correct.

🌾. The “Loktak” lake is located in which state of India?
(a) Meghalaya(b) Manipur
(c) Mizoram (d) Tripura

🌾. During whose reign did Timur invade India?
(a) Allauddin Khilji
(b) Bahlol Lodi
(c) Firoz Tughlaq
(d) Nasiruddin Mahmud Shah

🌾. By Sitaram Raju Which of the following movements was headed?
(a) Kuka Movement
(b) Rampa Movement
(c) Pabna Agitation (d) Bardoli Satyagraha


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