Odisha Ancient History Multiple Choice Questions pdf

Odisha Ancient History Multiple Choice Questions pdf

1. Who was the founder of the Nanda dynasty?
A. Dhanananda
B. Mahapadmananda
C. Shishunaga
D. Bimbisara

2. Which of the following kingdom ruled Odisha after the Nanda dynasty?
A. Haryanka dynasty
B Shishunaga dynasty
C. Chedi dynasty
D. Maurya dynasty

4. Kalinga War took place in
A. 261 BC
B. 261 AD
C. 260 BC
D. 262 BC

5. Ashoka, ‘The Great’ emperor became a follower of religion.
A. Jainism
B. Hinduism
C. Sainism
D. Buddhism

6. Which of the following rock edicts of Ashoka mentioned the ‘Kalinga War?
B Xl
C. XIl

7. Kalidas has called the Northern territory of Odisha was ‘Utkal’ in his book:
A. Abigyanshakuntalam
B. Vikramorvasiyam
C. Raghuvamsam
D. Meghdootam

8. After the death of Ashoka in 232 BC, which dynasty established its
independent rule in Kalinga?
A. Chera
B. Chola
C. Chedi
D. Chalukya

9. Towards south, the empire of Kharavela extended to the bank of
A. Godavari
C. Cauvery
B. Krishna
D. Pennar

11. Kharavela had staunch faith in:
A. Brahmanism
B. Bhagavatism
C. Buddhism
D. Jainism

12. According to the Hatigumpha inscription, Kharavela was not endowed
with the title of:
A. Vadharaja
B. Dharmaraja
C. Kamaraj
D. Bhikshuraja

13. Which of the following kings acknowledged the suzerainty of
Kharavela, was in Central India?
A. Nagas
B. Angas
C. Tempraparnis
D. Satya Petras

14. Who was the founder-ruler of the Mathara dynasty in Odisha?
A. Visakhavarman
B. Uma Varman
C. Shankar Varman
D. Shaktivarman

15. Which of the following is not a territorial unit of the Matharas kingdom?
A. Panchali
B. Bhoga
C. Vishaya
D. Janapad

16. Which was the capital of Nala kingdom?
A. Pishtapur
B. Palur
C. Puskari
D. Puri

17. Which of the following Nala rulers defeated the Vakatakas in the
west and occupied their capital, Nandi Vardan?
A. Artha Patiraja
B. Bhavadatta Varman
C. Shanda Varman
D. Vrisadhavaja

18. The founder-Ruler of the Sailodbhava Ranabhita, who was better
known as:
A. Madhavaraja-l
B. Ayosobhita-I
C. Dharmaraja-I
D. Sainyabhit-I

19. The territory of the Sailodbhava dynasty was known as:
A. Kalinga Visaya
B. Kongada Mandalam
C. Kangoda Desh
D. Kongoda Mandalam

20. According to Hiuen-Tsang, which of the following kingdoms was a
country of forests and noted for its dark elephants?
A. Udra
B. Kalinga
C. Kosala
D. Kangoda

21. Which of the following Bhouma kings was a staunch Buddhist and
had title ‘paramatathagat?
A. Kshemankaradeva
B. Sivakaradeva-l
C. Subhakaradeva-I
D. Shantikardeva-I

22. Who was the founder-ruler of the Sarabha Puriyas dynasty in Odisha?
A. Sarabha
B. Mahavaja Narendra
C. Mahendraditya
D. Sudevraja

23. Who was the founder of the Somavansis of South Kosala?
A. Tivara Deva
B. Balarjuna Siva Gupta
C. Mahabhava Gupta-Janmejaya
D. Udayana

24. The emergence of Kalachuri power forced the Somavamsis to
expand in the direction of:
A. East
B West
C. North
D. South

25. According to Madala Panji, the construction of the Lingaraj temple
of Bhubaneswar was started by:
A. Janmejaya-I
B. Janmejaya-Il
C. Yayati-Il
D. Dharmarath


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