Equipment/Instruments and their uses

Equipment/Instruments and their uses

Accelerometer:- An instrument used to measure the rate of increase of the speed of the vehicle.

2 Accumulator :- It is a device for storing electrical energy.

3 Actinometer: – An instrument used to measure the intensity of the Sun’s rays.

4 Aerometer: – is an instrument for measuring the weight and density of air and gases.

5 Altimeter: – An instrument used to measure the height of planes.

6 Ammeter: – An instrument used to measure electric current in amperes.

7 Anemometer :- It is an instrument to measure the force and speed of wind.

8 Epicoiscope:- A device used to show opaque pictures on the screen.

9 Audiometer:- An instrument used to measure the intensity of sound.

10. Audiophone:- A device placed in the ear to aid in hearing.

11 Auriscope: – An instrument used to observe the inner part of the ear.

12 Avometer:- A device used to detect faults in the radio.

13 Barograph: – An instrument to graph the change in atmospheric pressure

14. Barometer:- Instrument measuring atmospheric pressure

15. Binoculars :- An instrument used to magnify objects
16. Bolometer :- instrument for measuring heat radiation

17 Calipers: – An instrument used to measure the inside and outside diameter of cylindrical objects.

18 Calorimeter :- An instrument to measure the amount of heat

19 Carburator :- Equipment used in internal combustion petrol engines

20. Cardiogram: – An instrument used to measure the heart rate of a person.

21. Cardiograph :- device used to record heart rate

22 Cathetometer :- An instrument used to measure height, level etc. in scientific experiments.

23 Cathode Ray Tube :- A tube-like device used in the emission of electrons etc.

24 Chronometer :- An instrument used to find the exact time in ships

25. Commutator:- Device to change the direction of electric current / Device to convert AC to DC


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